Fall 2017

Everything about our lives and the purpose of our lives is to grow in relationship with God and in relationship with others. Jesus invites us on this journey to learn more about how to live for him and live for others. We believe that God will inspire, encourage and help us to live out the calling he has given us with purpose, joy and faith.

Do This and you will live. Oct 29 2017 - MP3

Series: Do This
Sermon: Do This.... and you will live.

Series: DO THIS Sermon: Do This and You Will Live So many of us question what we should be doing in our life and what decisions we should be making. There are a few moments in scripture where it simply and clearly tells us, "Do this." This first sermon in our series sets the foundation for answering these questions about the meaning and purpose of life with the most important do this statement in all of Scripture. This assertion and invitation from Jesus is the foundation of every sermon you've ever heard, every Bible study, and it is the basis and purpose for every one of our lives. Watch, as Kevin explains an aspect of living out the meaning of life that we don't talk about very often, but should challenge and encourage each of us.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Nov 12 2017 - MP3

Series: Do This
Sermon: Do This.... Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Sometimes we go through seasons in our lives though where we face one trying moment after another, right?! A minor fender-bender, a furnace that stops working, a work assignment that goes poorly, a child that makes a series of bad choices, and that was just Monday. Then to top it all off, you burnt your waffles that morning too! Other times in life, we maybe don't face only have the series of small issues, but we have the one or two giant ones! Those sizeable matters that we know are going to be trajectory setting for the next few years of our lives, sometimes the rest of our lives. What can happen to us all as we walk through the challenges of life like this is that we can become bogged down emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Watch, as Kevin delivers a challenging and hope-filled message helping us remember how to run with endurance the race that God has set before us.

Pray for Me. Nov 19 2017 - MP3

Series: Do This
Sermon: Do This.... Pray for me.

If you had the opportunity to talk to Jesus, face to face and you could make one request of Him, what would it be? Would you ask him that why question that you have been wondering about for a long time? Why something happened in your life that you didn't expect or why you feel that God didn't come through for you the way that you had hoped? Or would you ask Jesus to do something for you right now; healing, a new job, money? What would you ask? The disciples had this opportunity and the one thing that they asked for might surprise you. Watch, as Kevin explains how their request is an essential key for each of us in living the abundant life that Jesus has designed for us.

God will do this. Nov 26 2017 - MP3

Series: Do This
Sermon: God will do this.