Fall 2017

I QUIT making excuses. Sept 17th - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT making excuses

This series is intended to inspire, exhilarate, and free all of us towards the most fulfilling fall season we have ever had in our lives! As we read the title of the series, however, many of us question how the theme of quitting is inspirational because in our culture the word quit has become a dirty word. Watch, as Kevin motivates us all to embrace, strategic quitting that will lead us towards a new fullness and freedom both practically and in our relationship with Jesus.

I QUIT Worrying. Sept 24th - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT Worrying

I QUIT being so clingy. Oct1, 2017 - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT being so clingy

I QUIT Complaining Oct 8 2017 - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT Complaining

If we had our choice between listening to someone complain or talk about something else, almost anything else, we would pick the something else nearly every time, right!? It’s funny though if we were honest with ourselves, we all speak “Whineese” quite well for people who don’t like to listen to it being spoken to us! Watch, as Kevin explains how our habit of complaining is one of the most subversive enemies of following God’s pathway in our lives.

I QUIT Living in Fear, Oct 15 2017 - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT Living in Fear

At one point in time or another, every one of us has lived in fear. Either fear of fitting in, being alone, a diagnosis, failure, losing a job, the list goes on and on. Listening to our fears robs us of our peace. "Jesus said, 'I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.’” (John 14:27) Watch, as Kevin explains how crucial it is for us to recognize that the world doesn’t give us our peace, and so the world can’t take it away.

I QUIT Being Jealous, Oct 22 2017 - MP3

Series: I QUIT
Sermon: I QUIT Being Jealous