Gods Big Plan - Jan 1 , 2017 - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture

Sermon: God’s BIG Plan

Have you ever had a moment in your life you where God was calling you to do something, and you started to feel nervous about it? Maybe your heart starts pounding a little; your mind starts racing as you attempt to project the ramifications of your response? We often feel this way in both the significant shifts God is calling us to and even the simple day to day tasks like inviting a friend to church. Why do we become uneasy about the things that God is calling us to do? There are a variety of potential reasons for the reticence in each of us. However, there is one thing that is certain, when God is calling us he is not feeling apprehensive at all! He is not nervous that we are going to mess it up, He isn’t looking for someone else who is more qualified to do what he is calling us to do. Watch, as Kevin inspires us to see beyond our current moment with the eyes of faith and embrace the BIG picture of our life that God foresees.

The BIG Difference - Jan 8, 2016 - MP3

The BIG Difference - Pastor Jeremy Bates - Jan 8, 2016

Series: The BIG Picture Sermon: The BIG Difference Blurb: Ever ran in to the store to grab something quickly thinking you were going to “get in and get out” only to find yourself bogged down in the aisle overwhelmed by choices? It can be paralyzing to decide when there are so many options not to mention the times when you hold two seemingly identical products in your hands, but their price tags have you baffled at what exactly the BIG DIFFERENCE is when one costs so much more than the other! Likewise, people, from similar backgrounds, with similar upbringings, facing similar challenges can sometimes respond in completely opposite ways with very different results. What makes the BIG DIFFERENCE? As we continue looking at the BIG PICTURE of David’s life we’ll discover that there were some things that he learned privately that made a big difference publicly in how he responded to adversity, even in the moment he faced the biggest challenge of his life.

Shaun talks about Life Groups - MP3

Big Brother - Jan 15th - MP3

Big Brother - The Big Picture - Pastor Steve Swartwood

The Big Fight - Jan 22nd - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture
Sermon: The BIG Fight

Have you ever been angry? Of course, you have, we all lose our temper at some point. When we are angry, it makes us do things and say things that we normally would not say or do, right?! Some people seem to express their anger more freely; others appear to be able to hold it in. However, we’ve all had moments where our anger caused us to act in a way that ended up hurting ourselves or someone else. Now, you probably think you know where this sermon is going, that it is going to be about how we need to be less angry. Good Christian boys and girls aren't supposed to show negative emotions like that, right? Actually, no. Watch, as Kevin explains how we are not angry enough we just need to make sure that we are angry in the right way and are fighting the right things.

Hey BIG Spender - Jan 29 - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture Sermon: Hey BIG Spender

Do you know that the Bible tells you how to be wealthy? In fact, it even teaches us that everyone can be wealthy! You don’t have to wait to be wealthy in some far of time from now, but the Bible tells you how to be wealthy today! That’s right! In fact, before you even finish watching his sermon today you too can be wealthy! This sermon is going to give you the solution to wiping out your credit card debt. It will provide you the answer to your stress over your bills and even the way of becoming debt free! Not only that if you follow through on this plan you will not only be debt free, but you will live in freedom and experience the abundant life that Jesus called you to live! All this can be yours for just three easy payments of $29.95! We're just kidding! We're kidding about the last line anyway. Watch, as Kevin gives us a valuable perspective on all the resources that God has blessed us with and what do do with them.

The BIG Promise - Feb 5, 2017 - MP3

Series: Big Picture Sermon: Big Promise - with Pastor Rick Zuidersma

We love to see the before and after pictures, whether it is online or the final result of watching your favourite renovation show on HGTV but what happens behind the scenes? There is another picture that we don't often see and that is the 'during' picture. Before you see the 'after' you have to go through the 'during'. In the Bible it took David approximately 15-20 years between the time of receiving a promise to be king and it actually coming to pass. In this Sermon discover what you do in the 'during', when the promise that you are waiting for doesn't look like the process your going through.

The BIG MO - Feb 12, 2017 - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture Sermon: The BIG Mo Our world seems to be advancing at an incredibly rapid pace, doesn't it!? Scientists are developing breakthrough methods medically, technologically, and providing unprecedented interaction with the world around us. The technology is not even reserved to the lab, though! Most of us have more computing power on our phone than we had at our resources twenty-five years ago. Our ability to even shrink the world and communicate with people around the world is mind blowing. However, what may appear to be advancement may not be all that we think it is. Watch, as Kevin challenges our perspective on the progress of the world and helps us consider that what we see may not be what we get.

The BIG Story - Feb 19, 2017 - MP3

The Big Picture Series
The Big Story - with Pastor Kevin Shepherd

Series: The BIG Picture
Sermon: My BIG Story

In his latest project called Revisionist History Canadian journalist, author and speaker Malcolm Gladwell examines how the passage of time changes and enlightens our understanding of the world around us. In one aspect of the project Gladwell demonstrates that there are many terrible free throw shooters currently in the NBA who would shoot much much better if they would adopt a different style of shooting. Namely, the infamous granny style of shooting, but they won't do it. Do you know why? Quite simply the reason is that they think that they will look silly. Even though changing their style of shooting would make them more successful as an individual player and as a team! Watch, as Kevin leverages this principle to challenge us to confront how important it is for us to share God's story with people around us.

The Big Time - Feb 26th - MP3

Pastor Steve Swartwood The BIG Time - The Big Picture Sermon Series

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture Sermon: The BIGGER They are the Harder they Fall Glasses don't help you see better in the dark. It doesn't matter how expensive your glasses are. It doesn't matter how long you have been wearing glasses and how much you even know about how they work. You can be an expert ophthalmologist, but all of your knowledge isn't going to help you see better with your glasses on if you walk in the dark. Scientifically, the only way that glasses work is through light refraction. So, if you are walking in the dark instead of the light they just plain won't work. Watch, as Kevin explains how this is related to an important spiritual principle in a sermon that addresses the most infamous time in King David's life and proposes a very helpful tool to help us resist temptation through an often under-utilized method recommended by Jesus.

The Big Letdown - March 12th - MP3

The Big Letdown with Pastor Jeremy Bates

The Big Picture Sermon Series

The Big Perspective - March 19th - MP3

The Big Perspective with Pastor Rick Zuidersma

The Big Picture Sermon Series

Garratts visit Glad Tidings Church, March 26th - MP3

Garratts visit Glad Tidings Church, March 26th

Open your Big Mouth - April 2 - MP3

Open your Big Mouth with Pastor Kevin Shepherd @GTBurlington

Big Shoes to Fill, April 9th - MP3

Series: The BIG Picture

Sermon: BIG Shoes to Fill

The world is so big, and there are so many big things that we are involved in that we don’t even completely understand the details. Aren’t you thankful that we don’t need to know everything about something to participate in it? Imagine if you needed to comprehend everything about your car to drive it, or your TV remote to use it? Watch as Kevin explores this concept as we examine King David handing the key to the Kingdom over to his son Solomon. His son certainly didn’t understand everything that receiving the key to the kingdom would mean, but he was able to step into the role and participate in it. Just like Solomon had some big shoes to fill, we do too as we consider that Jesus handed the keys to the Kingdom to us.

The BIG Deal - Easter Sunday - MP3

Pastor Kevin closes our Sermon Series "The Big Picture" with his Easter Sunday Message entitled "The Big Deal"