New Year 2018

The Good Fight Jan 7 2018 - MP3

Series: The GOOD Fight
Sermon: The GOOD Fight

There is so much fighting in our world. According to the World Health Organization, "An estimated 191 million people lost their lives directly or indirectly as a result of conflict, and well over half of them were civilians." We need to give up our small illusions that our world is a peaceful place. We live in a culture that is breeding an increasing hostility in so many areas, but also it seems towards Christians and Christianity more specifically day by day. How do we respond in this world, in this day and time when our culture is continually and purposefully positioning itself antagonistically towards the gospel and towards one another? We fight! Watch, as Kevin explains how as Christians we are called to fight, but not in the way that most people think. We are called to fight, but not against who most people think.