Spring 2017

The Cain and Abel Show - MP3

Series: The NEW Reality TV Show Sermon: The Cain and Abel Show Sometimes the inspired true stories of scripture seem crazier than fiction. In fact, if some of the individuals in the stories of scripture were alive today they would probably have their own reality TV show. This week Kevin begins a new series where we are going to see that in the midst of these crazy stories in the Bible God poured in his grace and showed that a new reality is possible. Each week we are going to learn how to defeat the old reality in our lives and live the new reality that is available to us in Jesus Christ. “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17. Each week we will walk through one of the seven deadly sins and one of the corresponding seven virtues. Watch, as this week Kevin demonstrates how envy is much more prevalent in our lives than we realize and how we can overcome it through the kindness of Christ.

You've Gotta Eat Here April 30th - MP3

Series: The NEW Reality TV Show Sermon: You've Gotta Eat Here Probably all of us have been on a diet at some point in time in our lives. Our motivation might be a medical condition or simply to look and feel more healthy, but regardless most of us have made a decision to restrict our food consumption in some way. We also, then likely all agree that it is very tough to stay on a diet and very easy to fall off a diet! Weve all come to know that dieting is not a piece of cake! Watch, as Kevin explains how monitoring our consumption has a much bigger impact on our lives than simply a physical one and how God call us to tell as many people as possible, "You've Gotta Eat Here!"

Greed - May 7th - MP3

Series: The NEW Reality TV Show Sermon: The New Reality TV Show - Greed - Pastor Rick

LUST - May14 - MP3

The Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt @GTBurlington Pastor Jeremy speaks today about LUST, more than just a fleshly desire but a birthplace for sin.

Pride Wars - May 21st - MP3

Pastor Steve Swartwood - Pride Wars

Sloth - May 28 - MP3

"SLOTH" Another instalment in our sermon series: "The NEW Reality TV Show" with our guest speaker Pastor Mark Colwell.

Anger Management - MP3

Series: The NEW Reality TV Show
Sermon: Anger Management

I think that we have all had one of those moments that shock us out of our peaceful, restful life and thrust us into panic, fear and worry. Moments where we find ourselves questioning, “What is going on?!” I think that most of us have received that phone call when someone on the other end says something like; “There’s been a car accident," or “Your father had a heart attack," or “The report from your biopsy is not good.” Watch, as Kevin helps us understand not only how we can navigate these unpredictable moments with a deep and settled peace, but also how God decidedly works with powerful action against all that would seek to destroy his plans for our lives.