December 2017


For Unto Us. Dec 3 2017 - MP3

Series: For... given
Sermon: For unto us.
Isaiah 9:6 says, "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders." We often speak of many of the promises in Scripture, but this promise often becomes hidden, buried beneath the pile of the hopes and dreams we have for our future, our family even our faith. This promise, "and the government will be on his shoulders" should reassure us, and bring us hope and peace like little else. However, in the midst of the chaos and disorder of the governments and nations of this world, what does this really mean? Watch, as Kevin explains through an admittedly tricky text how to find light in a seemingly dark time and truth.

A Child is Born. Dec 11 2017 - MP3

Series: Forů given.
Sermon: A Child is Born

We all have the instinct to be great! We want to be great people, great leaders, great friends, great investors. We not only want to be great we often want to be greater. Have greater performance at work, greater than our past, all of us want to be lifted up greater than we were before and higher up than others thought we could get. The truth is that we grow small and weak trying to be great. The Bible shows us that the way up is down and the way to become great is to be humble. Watch, as Kevin explains how the incarnation is not only the exemplification of this but an invitation to us all to develop a grown-up childlike faith.